About Us

Waldorfers is a community for all those who love Waldorf dolls - the customers, affectionately called doll mamas and papas, the doll makers, doll clothing makers, doll furniture suppliers, doll-making material suppliers and anyone who is passionate about Waldorf dolls. The purpose of starting this community was to provide a directory where we could bring together the customers and the retailers,in a single community that has one common love, the love of Waldorf dolls.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive directory of where to find dolls and everything you might need for your dolls. The internet is huge, so it would be helpful to find all teat information in one place. This, hopefully, will be it. We also hope to promote sellers by connecting them directly with the doll mamas and papas. The mamas and papas in turn will get to know the sellers better, and maybe even form a connection with their work. 

Above all, we want to enjoy the wonder of Waldorf dolls, and hopefully make new friends I the process.